Window Tinting

Window tinting

Privacy Through Window Tinting

Privacy is important to everybody, and style is important to many car owners. High-quality window tinting from Brian's Paint & Body Shop offers both.

With window tinting, you can keep strangers at bay by concealing valuable items so their eyes can't look into your vehicle. Since 1984, we have been offering window tinting services at our Sharpsburg and Fayetteville locations. Contact us to schedule a FREE estimate today.

Cool Down Your Vehicle in the Summer

Window tinting helps in deflecting harmful UV rays and any heat that can get in from the sun. You will be a bit more comfortable while driving and also save money on fuel. 

Window tinting helps your fuel economy by giving your air conditioning a much-needed break. Upholstery will also be protected from the elements, too. We can work on your entire car, or just a section. 

Handling As Much Of Your Car As Needed

Whether you're looking for window tinting on just the two front doors or on the entire car, we'll be happy to take on the job. Most jobs can be completed in just one day.

Two Great Locations

We strive to be an honest business, with great prices and an experienced staff ready to help you. We have two great locations that are easy to find, one in Sharpsburg and one in Fayetteville

We have had customers drive in from up to 70 miles away to have work done on their vehicle. Trust a locally owned and operated business for all of your important vehicle needs.

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