Solving Your Vehicle's Mechanical Issues

It may be a rattling noise under the hood, or something might not feel right with the accelerator pedal. Regardless of the issue, Brian's Paint & Auto Body Shop can service all mechanical problems.

Highly trained professional technicians can fix your vehicle issues, both small and large.

Any Feedback With Your Car Can Help

We want any feedback possible before working on your vehicle. Don't feel intimidated by saying things that aren't coming from the mouth of a mechanic. Describe what issues you are having with your car in layman's terms, and we'll do our best to communicate to you what we find.

Proper Diagnosing Of Your Automobile

We understand that the problems you are describing with your vehicle may not be there all the time. Some issues may pop up now and again because of certain conditions like the weather and the speed at which you are going.

Our technicians will take the time to diagnose the issue so any potential long-term concerns can be mentioned so you don't have to spend money on unnecessary repairs down the road.
Auto Diagnosing

We Can Handle Any Make or Model

Brian's first love when it comes to cars is the body, and the shop has been offering body and mechanical work since 1984. If there is a mechanical issue that may be more complicated or severe, we will find an expert that can do the repair for you.

"Excellent customer service!! Highly recommend them for all your body shop needs."

-Marcus T
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